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Recess in Session!

Today was our first day teaching at the Alpha Boys School. After gathering our frisbees, bats, and balls our PE group felt ready! We met a bit of resistance from the boys (grades 1 and 3) when asking them to learn a game that isn’t futball (soccer).We ended up teaching them “steal the bacon” and introduced them to information about the Olympics for our day tomorrow – mini Olympic Games with the 100m, 4x100m relay, long jump, and discuss with awards for the winners. Hopefully this goes a lot smoother because we are having 5 groups instead of 2. We are all really excited and have a lot of pictures and videos of the games and lesson from today.

Oh, and Tara, Casey and myself are the most beautiful women in the world according to 3rd grade 🙂 and unlike the misbehaved trouble makers the principal made them out to be the boys were VERY nice and respectful! It was a great first day for PE.


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