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I Never Wanna Miss a Thing

Wow. What a couple days it has been. Staying at the Great Huts was crazy mon. The Fig Tree House was definitely the place to be; I can’t imagine living there with anyone else besides the Stephanies and Julia. Between the roommate showers we shared, our hut pet Stephanie the moth, and the boys ignoring our screams last night while the four of us girls were freaking out at the sight of a HUGE bug… It was definitely an experience I will never forget.

We celebrated New Years there last night. Well let me say it this way… We “celebrated” New Years there last night. We definitely did not do what one would expect 19 college kids to do on New Years Eve in Jamaica. We more or less forced ourselves to stay awake until midnight and then went promptly to sleep.
But in that time forcing ourselves to make it to midnight… Stephanie Lorr, Isaac, and I had a little adventure that won’t soon be forgotten. I’m not really sure if I should even tell this story… But I’m going to tell it anyways.
The three of decided that we would go down to the beach to relax a bit before ringing in the new year. We sat in one of the hammocks they had down there with me in the middle and Isaac and Stephanie on either side of me. As soon as we sit down Stephanie says, and I quote, “This thing is gonna break.” Well when somebody says that it doesn’t actually break… But last night… It did. Oh my gosh. All the sudden the three of us had our feet and arms in the air as we heard the hammock ripping beneath us. Of course Isaac pops right up out of it and starts yelling, “Ladies, ladies, get up!” Well unlike Isaac, Stephanie and I couldn’t just pop up. And then we hear the hammock rip again and Stephanie and I are flat in the sand, legs in the air, backs on the ground. We could not stop laughing. We got up, wrapped the hammock back up, and immediately sat in the stone chairs at the bar on the beach that we had absolutely no chance of breaking. Funniest moment of the trip so far? I’d definitely say so.
But now is when I get to tell my ultimate, best, top, most favorite, rewarding, moment of the trip so far. Can you tell I loved it? Oh my gosh. Haha. I know everyone is probably talking about this leg of our trip because we all thought it was incredible, but I just have to say a couple things. One, I JUMPED OFF A WATERFALL!!!!!!! I did it. I jumped. I actually jumped off of a waterfall. Never in a million years would I have thought I could do that, but I did. But let me get sappy for a minute… I really could not have done it without the support of the 20 people that are on this journey with me. As I was standing on that rock getting ready to jump all I could feel was the positive energy of everyone around me. People who had already jumped in the water yelling my name, telling me its going to be ok. The distant sight of the people on the shore giving all there love and support to the people who were causally crazy enough to jump. And the positive encouragement of those on the rock with me waiting to jump after me. Because of them, I did it. And I honestly can’t think of many moments in my life where I have been more proud of myself than I was in that moment. I just know when I popped up I must have had the biggest smile on my face as a swam to all my friends waiting for me at the bottom. Love you all, I never wanna miss a thing.

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