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The “Real-er” Jamaica

Jamaica is still amazing. The past two days we have been at the Great Huts in Boston Bay, Portland. I was wrong in my last post, I actually hate the local bars. The reason being I hate losing in dominoes, and the locals have been kicking my ass. Okay, so maybe I do enjoy the bars and just hate getting destroyed in the dominoes. I have noticed a slight difference in how they all play dominoes here compared to the dominoes in Montego Bay. In Montego Bay it was assumed we played cut throat (everyone for themselves), while here the locals assumed we were playing partners. I have wondered if it has anything to do with the local culture, or just the very very limited exposure we have had with the locals of each locations. Either way I enjoy playing with the locals and getting to know them.

 The locals have all been very nice to all of us, especially towards the ladies. In fact, some of the local men have been too nice towards the girls, and in fact scared a few back to the huts. I don’t know if the men are actually trying to be creepy or rude, but are rather just being how they normally are with women. They just seem to have different ways of pursuing a woman in Jamaica, and this way just seems to offend the American women. I wonder if the Jamaican women are typically insulted by the way the Jamaican men are so up front with their ways of hitting on them.  Now here in town we are obviously being pursued to buy the little trinkets that they all “make” even though they must make these same exact trinkets for the rest of the country too… or maybe they buy it for what it is actually worth.
Today we arrived in Kingston. Let me just say that it was an amazing ride through the mountains. This being said we did literally run into an idiot today. We were going through the narrow roads and a guy in a black truck scrapped our side. He decided that he thought he had enough room, but obviously he was completely wrong. He ended up getting out of his truck wondering how he ever hit our van. The rear light was knocked loose, but luckily I have tape for a class to hold the light in place. We also bumped the side mirror in, but no damage was done. The views that were on the road were just amazing. Strawberry Hill was another stop today. It is inconceivable that was the location where so many world hits were first created. Seeing all of the records on the walls brought it home how important Jamaica has been in world music.
Tomorrow we start teaching in the Kingston schools, so everyone say a prayer for us and the students. I have enjoyed Kingston so far since I haven’t been begged to buy the damn “hand made” trinkets. It is so different being the minority. I will admit there have been very few times in my life where I was the minority. It is an eye opening experience, and will help me discover more about myself.

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