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The Driving Blog

Today we spent the day traveling from Boston Bay to Kingston. There are really no words to describe how terrifying the cliff/mountain roads were. Luckily Taelar got a video of our trip up one of the steepest hills to document our surviving the trip.

We got to make a few stops, one at the Blue Mountain Coffee Hut where I had the most delicious cup of coffee ever and one at the Strawberry Hill where we had a fabulous meal that included a piece of decadent strawberry cheesecake.
Tonight we met up with our groups to get organized before our first day at the schools tomorrow. My group (the activities group) planned some stretches, games, and ice breakers for the boys at the Alpha School. We also did our own research on the Olympics to integrate the information into our Olympic themed  activities. Without knowing how many students we will have we are anxious to get to the schools and find out what we will be able to do!

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