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I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing 


     This Jamaica trip couldn’t have came any faster and I hope it doesn’t end as soon as it came. After reading a couple books and learning within the classroom for five weeks I was very excited for this trip to see the culture difference and get an idea on how the Jamaicans live their lives.
     Our first destination was the Jewel Runaway Bay resort. When at the hotel I felt as if we were almost within the US. You may think how can this be with the beautiful blue ocean, warm weather, and the Jamaican hotel people working there, but i feel as if the workers wanted you to experience the beauty of Jamaica while still feeling right at home. I do have to say it was a nice transition since there was little Jamaican culture. The first thing that I noticed was the Christmas decorations in the lobby. Behind the front desk were little white elves which confused me because I expected them to have a dark skin completion. The next thing that I noticed was the food since most of it was American at the buffet. Except for the caesar salad dressing at the amazing five course meal which I later found out had sardines in it. I knew it tasted a little interesting but I am a person who will try new things. Another little US observation was the tv channels which my roommates and I noticed were pretty much all US channels except for the movie channels. The main observation though  was the music since a lot of US songs were being  played by the pool, at Karaoke, and in the Disco. The talent show and Italian dinner was probably when the culture stuck out.

    The talent show was a great way to notice how important Jamaica’s culture is to them and also how talented they are. At the talent show a lot of workers sang a Jamaican song and it seemed that they were trying to relate it to the audience or made sure that the song had significant meaning to them. I enjoyed this a lot and it made me excited to hear more new Jamaican songs that I have never heard before. When most of our group went to the disco there were many familiar songs but I noticed that when songs like Jump came on everyone pretty much stopped and watched the Jamaican workers dance. I was familiar with the song but was unsure how to dance to it. This was not the only thing I was unsure about when at this resort and this has to do with the island time.
    It was interesting how there was no clocks hanging within the resort but the reason may be that they want you to forget about the time and enjoy the atmosphere and people around you. It’s like the saying, time flies when your having fun. When knowing how chill Jamaicans are I was surprised that most things were on time. They had a nice white board made out with time planned activities, which did not consist of the “good stuff”. Which we learned from a Jamaican employ was a common phrase to use for Bob’s pride and joy other than his music.
    When Jessie, Taelar, and I went sailing we were talking to the Jamaican sailer who was 26. He was also telling us about the area and how he has never left Jamaica and stated that there was no need to. It seems as if a lot of the Jamaicans within the resort were proud of their country since they spoke so highly of it. Not only did they speak highly of their country but also their job. Just like the sailor, they are very happy to have the job they have within the Jewel resort. The service from the employees was amazing because of their friendly and positive attitudes and I can definitely say that I have never felt more welcomed!

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