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Jamaica Journal 2

The trek to the Boston Bay was only the beginning of our Great Huts adventure! We are still a little uneasy about the stick shift vans with the driver side on the right as well as driving on the opposite side of the road,  however none of us were prepared for the bumpy and windy roads of Jamaica. We are warned though that the worst is yet to come, in our journey through the mountains to Kingston…fingers crossed!

Upon arriving at the great huts we were swarmed with locals eager to sell us jerk chicken and pork, as our road led us through a nearby village. Little did we know what a hidden jem was beyond the bamboo fence. Many of us, myself included, were skeptical about our new surroundings and huts because of the lack of windows, doors, AC, and level floor. After a restless night in my mosquito netted top bunk the view was worth the wait! The gorgeous shades of blue water and crashing waves were right outside! The ocean seems endless!
After our incredible day at Reach Falls and not only climbing along a waterfall to travel through an underground cave, but also jumping off a waterfall, we headed to the village for the local cuisine. The jerk chicken was fresh and the atmosphere was great. We then headed to the nearby bar. The small room was filled with locals of all ages (even children) and 2 tables for dominoes. We were able to play dominoes with some of the young Jamaican children until they had to leave at which time we were then joined by a local Rastafarian named Ray-I. Ray-I and I were partners, and it being my first time playing, and with a self-proclaimed professional (who could hold all 7 tiles in 1 hand), you could tell I was a little nervous. I tried my best and even got help from a few locals at the bar, but it was useless! The game was very intense and my helpers were often scolded by Ray-I, who seemed to remember each and every play! Inheard many of the locals refer to him as Rasta, and after seeing and readi g this nickname in our class movies and text, I decided it was appropriate. Although i was not the best partner i had a few good moves (or jokes about my dismal moves) which Rasta laughed at and even fist bumped me for. After a few rounds, and some disapproving looks from Rasta, I decided to give up my seat to another professional, Mike!
Things aren’t always as they seem, and this is especially true here in Jamaica. The most incredible people and places are sometimes found in the most unlikely situations. I’ve made many memories and can’t wait to make many more! I couldn’t think of a better way to ring in 2013!

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