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Honestly, after last night’s experience at the restaurant and bar up the street, I was terrified of going to the market in Port Antonio today but thankfully my time there could not have been better. The harassing to buy things was minimal and many of the vendors didn’t bother us at all. I found some fabulous gifts for family and friends back home but it was very hard to decide what to choose. Each vendor had so many things to sell that it got a little overwhelming trying to search for what I wanted. But in the end it all worked out fine. Susan, Katie and I also found the cutest Jamaican boy who ran circles around us, gave some great high fives, and even posed for some pictures.

Before we left a group of us got a tour given by a local of the marina. The plants near the marina were gorgeous and interesting. The first one we saw were called Touch Me Nots and closed their leaves when they were tapped. The guide warned us that they would never open if we stood there and waited for it to open again we would be disappointed, but that if we walked away and came back the plant would surely be open. Then he introduced us to some Stink and Pretties. These flowers had a vibrant orange/yellow color but when he had us smell the leaves, a very unpleasant scent stung our nostrils, hence their given name. Then we also got to see some of the biggest,  brightest and most beautiful hibiscus plants I have ever seen. The hibiscus plant is the national flower of Jamaica so no wonder they bloomed so well.
Our next stop after the market was to Frenchman’s Cove, which is the most photographed beach in Jamaica. It was beautiful and had the biggest waves we have seen this whole trip. A bunch of us went out to jump over the waves as they crashed then we met up with the others at the mouth of the river that met the ocean. The mixture of the two waters caused the water to be cold and warm in the same place at times but no matter where we were, it was always crystal clear blue.
The Frenchman’s Cove had blue water, but nothing rivaled the color at the Blue Lagoon. The lagoon had a drop off that went down 250 feet so there was no area that anyone could touch unless they stayed on shore. A group of us swam out into the water and discovered that because of the density of salt in the water, we were all very buoyant. Susan and I found that if we held our breath we would stay afloat like a bobber on fishing line. As we swam out into the deep blue water we found a tree swing and we all took turns trying to climb and jump off (some of us were more successful than others). But as we were leaving a group of locals arrived and showed us up by climbing the tree with ease and making it up twice as high as we had.
For dinner we had the most delicious food yet on the trip and had the most polite server that has ever graced this earth. The whole staff was wonderful and invited and encouraged us to come back for their New Years Eve party. The restaurant was providing some grade A entertainment from all over the island, and as much fun it would be to go to their party, we have chosen to stay near the Great Huts. We will hopefully hit up the Boston Bay beach one more time and the staff of the Great Huts will be providing us with more entertainment for the evening. So as this year comes to a close, I think it’s safe to say that most of the most memorable moments of my year have been within the last five days.
Happy New Year everyone!

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