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Fricke Jamaica 2

Don’t go chasing waterfalls….but go ahead and jump right off them!

Today has to be the most adventurous day of my life! We went to Reach Falls today and the view alone was enough to satisfy me. Our itinerary had a little more in store for us though. We began by following a Jamaican guide up the waterfall. There were parts where we swam through the crystal clear water and other scary parts where we walked over some slippery rocks. But one thing about our group is that we are all supportive and encouraging of one another. When we finally made it to the top of the stream that fed the waterfall we got to be lowered into an inlet in the rocks into an underwater cave. After hanging out down there for a while we then swam under a baby water fall to get out. Luckily our guides were there to show us the way because I do not think I would have had the courage without them showing us where to walk and how to maneuver.

Now comes my most memorable moment. I JUMPED OFF A WATERFALL! In order to get back down to the bottom where all of our stuff was we could have taken a staircase or jump off the side of a cliff to the crystal clear water. Knowing that I would never get another chance to do this and after extensively questioning our guide about the probability of me getting hurt, I decided to put my big girl pants on and jump! It was a rush!!! I’m so glad I did it and hope someone caught my moment on camera! I love our group and I feel that we are growing closer and closer each day.

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