The worldwide Augustana College experience

The first few days

The process of getting to Jamaica was a long one. I was worried and took about 4 days to pack my suitcase and then kept checking and rechecking my bags. Then the day after Christmas I traveled to Chicago with Abby and stayed the night over night and woke up early and went to the airport. The plane ride was very smooth and landing in Montego Bay was beautiful. I expected the process of getting through customs would take longer and be more difficult than it was. But we made it through fairly quickly and were on our way to Jewel Runaway Bay Resort.

Jewel Runaway Bay resort was the typical touristy place that I imagined. It was wonderful that everything was all inclusive and we could just drink and eat as much as we want whenever we want. They had a lot of activities to do including kayaking, karaoke and a disco dance party. ┬áThe people at the resort were very nice and really wanted to make sure that we were enjoying ourselves. I loved staying here but I feel like I didn’t get a true picture of Jamaica and the Jamaican culture.
We left Jewel Runaway Bay and departed for Port Antonio. On the way we went through a few towns and they were crazy busy with people, cars, and a wide assortment of animals. Along the roads there are goats, dogs, chickens, cows, donkeys, and horses. The goats and the dogs just run freely throughout the streets. It makes me wonder how the owner of the goats keep track of their livestock or if they don’t care. ┬áThe trip to Great Huts was a curvy and bumpy path. I was getting a little car sick but the scenery was beautiful. W have arrived at the Great Huts and it is very different from the resort. More on the Great Huts and my adventures here in the next post.

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