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Jewel Runaway Bay, Jamaica!

Well it is officially the eve of the third day of my trip to Jamaica and I feel like it is time to write some of my/our adventures down. After landing in Montego Bay we had some time to kill while Dr. J went to get our second van. As we took in the humid, hot weather with grins and sweaty brows, we were able to try our first taste of Jamaican food, a patty! This meat filled, flakey treat was just what we needed to start the trip off on a good note. It was nice to relax outside in the Jamaican weather as we eagerly looked around at our new surroundings.

Once we got the vans packed, we were on our way to our first resort, Jewel Runaway Bay. The drive to the resort was breathtaking as we travelled on the highway that went along the coastline. Some unexpected sites included the 200 goats on the side of the ride and some unique street signs: “!” and “Crash Zone”. Nonetheless, we made it to the resort safely and as we stepped out of the van we were immediately greeted by welcoming faces. We spent the next two days taking in the rays and enjoying our time to relax in the sun. This part of the trip was definitely the “typical tourist” spot. 

To be honest, there were times when it almost didn’t even truly feel like we were Jamaica, but we were reminded of our location when interacting with the staff. One of my favorite moments during this part of our trip was while I was out in the ocean on a kayak looking back at the beach. When comparing the beach for the resort to the public beach, the difference was shocking. It is surprising how different the two sides of the fence could be and it was the first time I got to see the local side of the island. The easiest way I can describe the view is to compare the most beautiful beach scene at a resort you would expect to a beach filled with poverty and garbage on the other side. While it might not have been that exaggerated, the difference was clearly along those lines. This view quickly reminded me of the island we would soon be experiencing as we were to leave the resort.

Eventually our time at Jewel was up so we packed up our bags and headed for our second destination, Great Huts. After traveling through many winding, narrow roads, Dr J and Dr Egan got us here safely (props to them and their ability to drive stick shift on the left side of the road!) More about Great Huts later! Now I’m going to drift off to sleep listening to the sound of the ocean and tree frogs in my “Bamboo Gardens” hut with Abby and Jenna! 

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