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Ainsworth-Jamaica post 2

Jamaica-The Car Ride
As we loaded the vans to drive to the Great Huts, I was an anxious because these were what I have been waiting for. I love the outdoors and I am used to being outside all day (especially since I am a camp counselor in the summer). The car ride started out not too rocky, until we ventured up the hills to see the Seville house. These roads were not paved at all, and there were a couple times when we stalled and began to drift backwards. I asked if this is how the roads would be like in the mountains, and I got a response of “yes, probably.” we were able to get out and walk around to see the outside of the Seville house, and I was happy to be on land. 

While touring the Seville house, we discovered a path that led to a farm. Once again, I am not the most spontaneous person, but I am doing my best to be adventurous while in Jamaica for probably the only time in my life. We came across a farm where we found pigs, chickens, peacocks, and puppies. I loved seeing all of the animals and had to keep telling myself that the locals that lived there were not going eat these pigs and chickens for dinner! However, I think the machete the farmer was holding was thing otherwise. As we got back into the vans, I thought another hour and a half car ride would not be too bad; I have never been more wrong. 

I was doing alright in the car ride and feeling relaxed until we were up in the mountains. By this point, it was far passed an hour and a half, and it seems like there was nothing but curves in the road ahead. I started to get so nervous because of my car sickness and my anxiety of driving on these curvy roads up in the mountains, but there was nothing I could do since i was stuck in a van. It also did not help that others in the van were starting to get nervous as well, and we quickly became a big van full of anxiety (except for Dr. J who was doing a great job of keeping his cool). We then began to ask questions about the drive on January first to Kingston, how much longer it will take to get to the huts, and what to do if our van starts falling down a cliff. While I thought the answers to these questions were going to make me feel better, they really scared me for the drive to come in the near future! Luckily, we were able to drive through a few cities, such as Port Antonio, where we got a break from the winding roads of the mountains. I thought driving through the cities was a great experience because we were able to see pure Jamaican life in action, unlike at the resort. It was great to see how Jamaicans interact with one another in their natural setting. Eventually (which really seemed like forever) we arrived at the Great huts and everything worked out fine. However, I will now be much more thankful for the flat, straight roads that the Midwest provides us with after that drive in the mountains!

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