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Ainsworth- Jamaica post 1

Jamaica- The Resort
As I was dropped off at the airport, I was so excited to go to Jamaica, but I just wanted to get there quickly since I am not a huge fan of flying! after a 50 minute delay on the runway, we finally made it. I knew I was in paradise as soon as I felt the humid when i stepped off the plane. As we approached the immigration desks, I was hoping that we would all get through without any troubles, and we did! We then drove to the Jewel Runaway Bay resort, which was a learning experience for all; driving in a stick shift van on the opposite side of the road in an unfamiliar place was pretty scary, especially for the passengers. 

After our two hour wait or a hotel room, I was really starting to feel the “Jamaican” attitude of “no problem” and that “every little thing is gonna be alright.”I was starting to get a little impatient, but all of the employees were so nice that I could not stay upset. We started to ease ourself into resort life that night and the next day, and i felt completely comfortable. I loved the mix of Jamaican culture and also knowing I was safe at all times. Many of noticed that there were still many aspects of the resort life that were the same as in America. We learned that Jamaicans love Rhianna and the Gangnam style dance, and they also served cheeseburgers and French fries the majority of the day. I am wondering if this was true Jamaican culture, or if it was just to plea the guests of the hotel. Out of all the actives at the resort, such as kayaking, karaoke, and the disco, I would have to say my favorite activity was the Regge aerobics class in the pool. I had seen this on the activities board earlier, but was not planning on attending until the instructor just happened to show up at the pool we were in! I am not a very spontaneous person, but I do love to dance, and I am glad that all of us decided to take the class on a whim. 

As far as the culture so far, I love it, but I do not think I would ever be able to live here. I am way too much of a planner and would be so anxious all of the time. I cherish how these Jamaicans so be so relaxed and so personable, because I could never do this on a daily basis. For example, even thigh we had all day yesterday to do what ever we wanted, i was still waiting for a plan of the day we would follow! I age also noticed that everything here is much slower paced (I have noticed this in other countries as well). I suppose it is part of the “American way” for everything to be fast paced and efficient, and I like this way of life. It has been nice to relax these past few days, but i have almost been even more anxious by not having a plan and sticking to it. Hopefully I can fall more easily into the easy going Jamaican way of life these next few days and a become more acclimated to the culture. 

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