The worldwide Augustana College experience

Wonderful Memories Made Already! :)

Greetings from Jamaica! I can’t believe I’m finally saying that since I have been looking forward to this trip for what seems like forever. So far this experience has been nothing short of amazing, which is what I expected. When we stepped off the plane into the Montego Bay airport, the first thing I noticed was the heat. It is quite a bit of a shock to go from Chicago where the temperature is 30 degrees and snow on the ground to a place that is 80 degrees, sunny, and humid. Needless to say, Jamaica is a wonderful escape for a harsh Chicago winter.

     The drive to Ocho Rios for our first destination was beautiful. I was so exhausted from traveling but didn’t think about falling asleep because there was so much to see! The view was gorgeous since we were traveling right along the ocean and it was interesting to see the different homes that were there. There were some beautiful mansions that sat along the mountains but were also a lot of run-down places; such a wide range.

     Something that I learned very early on in this trip, and by early I mean right when we arrived at Jewel Runaway Bay, our first resort, was that I needed to be patient in Jamaica. We got to the resort at about 4:15 and had to wait until 6:30 to get into our room because they weren’t ready yet. That was frustrating because after traveling all day all we wanted to do was get changed and hit the pool! The whole time we were waiting though we had a drink in hand so that made it not terrible. Jamaican people are very care-free and do things on their own time. This is so different from our culture which is so rushed all the time so that is something I am getting used to on this trip.
     Jewel Runaway Bay was a great welcoming to Jamaica. The resort was absolutely beautiful and the people there were SO friendly. They were always asking how your day was and were always so accommodating to guests. In the short time that we were there, I felt like I did a lot! I went kayaking in the ocean which was so fun and also tried reggae water aerobics which was basically a dance class in the water. The one thing I regret about participating in that class was that Mike was recording part of us dancing, so he definitely has blackmail on us for the rest of our lives because I’m pretty positive I looked ridiculous. Oh well, at least it was fun! 🙂
     As a group, we had a fantastic time at night our second night at the resort. After stuffing our faces with a  delicious 4 course Italian meal, we down to the pool area where we watched a talent show at the resort and then proceeded to participate in karaoke night at the lobby. We all sang a song together and I’m sure the crowd loved it. Our night ended at the disco club in the resort where we danced the night away. It was definitely a night to remember.
    BRight now I am writing this blog sitting in my “hut” at the Great Huts in Boston Bay, our second destination. About an hour ago, Deonna and I witnessed a lizard scurry across our wall and then disappear so we have no idea where he went. Yikes.  This will for sure be an interesting night of sleep if I even get any!
     That’s all for now, I’m looking forward to another great few days in Jamaica! 🙂

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