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Jamaica: Great Huts Day 1

So since coming to the Great Huts a lot more has happened so I figured it would be good to do an extra blog. After leaving Runaway Bay, we made the trek across the north side of the island. The entire trip was very interesting and partially frightful. Everyone in our car was terrified for our Lise’s because of the sketch Jamaican roads along with Dr. J’s driving. Once we arrived at the Great Huts, I think half the car wanted to jump out the at and just hug the earth.

Once entering the Great Huts it came apparent that the entire campus was very beautiful. The scenery from every hut was very beautiful, it Tyler and my hut had the best view. From once angle you have the wide open ocean and from another you have the ocean with a little bit of Jamaica to look set on the side. Not only did we have this view from the first level but also the second and third. There is even a swing that I have called as my bed that allows me to wake up to the ocean and sun.

After settling in, the group went to dinner where we were treated to some grilled chicken with red stripe sauce, rice and a salad. All of it was very good, but what was most investing and enjoyable was the show that the works put on for use. A group of Jamaicans, mainly young Jamaicans, demonstrated some of the dances of Jamaica’s past. I was surprised how many of the young people knew the dances or at least were interested enough to learn the dances. Not only did the group demonstrate someone of the dances done by slaves but they also demonstrated some of the more recent dances. When they performed these dances, the crowd was allowed to join in and learn and I immediately jumped in. It was awesome to see just how you dance to styles like reggae.

After dinner, we headed to some of the local bars to see what the night life was like. Here we got to interact a bit with the locals but honestly for me this night was more about playing more dominoes and getting better at the game for proceeding nights. After playing for a bit, I headed back to get some good rest for the following day.

Going to bed a bit early was key for me. Instead of waking up and being slightly exhausted, I woke up and was completely refreshed! So me and Tyler went on another run were we saw some fantastic views. Every person we said good morning to responded with a nice joyous response. I was actually really fun to see just how many people would say something to use about being white, English, or being like using Bolt.

After the run, Tyler and I went to the beach again and met yet again another Jamaicans trying to sell us something. This time it was surf lessons, weed and cocaine. I could barely hold in my laugher when the man threw out cocaine. After these encounters I almost want to just buy some drugs or something to just seeing happens. I’m sure it’s not too exciting, but it’s been so easy to access the stuff it’s hard to just pass up.

Anyways after our run and some breakfast Katie, Lea, Mike and I went to a Baptist church were we stumbled into 45 mins of Sunday school and 45 mins of service. I was amazing!!! The Sunday school was very long and almost put me to sleep. However when the teacher started to talk from his heart and not from the book, I became much more attentive. Then once the actual church service began, my mind was blown. We were greeted, taken care of, watched a “cleansing”, sang, and read scripture. I was amazed at what we did in less than 45 mins.

After church we headed to get lunch and enjoyed some great Jamaican food, we went to this beautiful place. We swam/walked to this cave. The cave was very exciting, but threat part was just getting to it. Walking in may bare feet through the rocks made me feel very adventurous. Then once getting back to the start, our guides had us jump from one of the falls which again added to the excitement.

Then finally to finish off the day the group of us went to get the best pork in Jamaica right in front of the Great Huts. Here we again ate some great food and talked to the locals. Playing dominoes Tyler, lea and I played with David who was a beast at the game. Anyone that played with him would either win after 1 or 2 rounds. After talking to him for a bit he told us that he was a teacher himself for 10th graders. In fact he was also talking bat how dominoes is very simple math and memorization. If I. Learned anything from this experience, I learned that it is more than possible to be a teacher and still enjoy life. David seemed so relaxed and chill and just seemed to be enjoying life. I hope that once I return to school, I can live that sort of life.

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