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Jamaica: The Resorts

First Jamaica blog of the trip and I have so much to say, but i honestly can’t remember all that’s on my mind. I guess it would be best to start for the beginning of the trip once we arrived. Once off of the plane it was just like mike said. There were many Jamaicans trying to get our attention for their services, but it didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. After the first “heckler” it was pretty easy to just walk on by and say no thanks. However there is a talent behind not sounding like a jackass when you turn them down. I the beginning I could tell that I was being a bit rood and I realized that there needed to be respect behind the rejection of the people’s services. Anyways, once out of the airport we took our two vans and heeded to our hotel. Those vans were retry interesting… Once we arrived at the hotel it was quite apparent that the entire hotel was on “Jamaican time.” It took forever to get our rooms and every single event from there on out was either 30 mins to an hour late. No matter though. Well all took it in stride. If anything it was nice because I got to physically slow down my body and mind a bit. I got to experience a nice relaxing time not thinking too hard about what my plans were and just enjoying the now.

After a night in the hotel Tyler and I went for a run around the area. It went very well however I wish I could have run around more…shall we say lower income areas. On the run we ran by dozens of houses built for the wealthy, which was nice, but not exactly what I was looking for. On the run though I did observe something interesting. Many of the older Jamaicans were very welcoming and talkative, saying good morning and asking how we were. Then the younger generation kept to themselves and kept their heads down. I wonder if this is just a generational thing or if it is something else.

Later in the day Tyler, Mike and I went to a local bar and played some dominoes. It was a lot of fun to just sit down ands joy the company of some locals and learn a bit from them. The two gentlemen that we were around, Jesse and Old Dog, were an interesting crew to say the least. Honestly there are too many stories to tell from this one event so I’ll just say that I don’t think that I’ll ever have an experience like that again.

Overall the rest of the trip at Runaway Bay was fun and exciting but I’m happy to be gone. The entire hotel was very touristy. 85% of the music was American and many of the activities were based more for an American crowd. My hope is that I can use what I’ve learned and apply that too my time at the Great Huts and in Port Antonio.

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