The worldwide Augustana College experience

My first Jamaican experiences

So far this trip has been amazing!!!! I could not have expected anything more. The first day on our trip we spent waiting anxiously on a plane and could not wait to get to our all inclusive resort. When we finally reached our destination it was incredible. We quickly learned what Jamaican time is. Basically, you just add any where from 30-45 minutes onto scheduled time. We first found this as we had to wait for our rooms to be prepared for us. Luckily our wait was not to painful since the bar was open. So we had a great time the first day swimming in e ocean and hanging out around the resort.

The next day Isaac and I went for a little run. This run was extremely not, but also incredibly interesting. We ran through some neighborhood that was something you will see back home. There were little shacks next to giant mansions. Later that afternoon Isaac, Mike, and I went to the local beach situated just down the beach from the resort. As soon as we stepped off the resort there are people haggling us to buy there trinkets. This is something i cant really blame them for since there are just trying to make some money and they know they can make some off of the tourists. When we finally reached the local beach and bar we sat down with the domino set that Mike brought along. Immediately we had some guys try to sell us “local goods.” After telling a few guys that we did not want anything, but to play dominos we found a fourth to play dominos with. The first guy we played with was Jessie. He was a friendly man that ended up schooling me in dominos. I will admit that I had a tough time understanding what he was saying at times, but it was still a stimulating conversation. Next we played with Old Dog. Old Dog was a slightly crude man that was caught staring at one of the ladies at the table across from us. He really had no intentions of hiding the fact that he liked what he saw. I loved seeing all of the different social things that went on in the local bar, and has been my favorite experience so far.

Today we traveled to our current destination the Great Huts. My hut is amazing!!! It has an incredible view of the ocean and the local bay. I know that my most fun will come from going to the local bars just up the street and playing dominos with the locals. I just love the culture here in Jamaica, and cannot wait to continue my adventures here in Jamaica.

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