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Midnight sun oddities

July 13

There are strange things done under the midnight sun….
— Robert Service, Yukon rhymester

We are leaving the Yukon and moving on to the Northwest Territories. The Yukon is a great place, but we certainly had some strange experiences:

  • We heard Pachelbel’s Canon played on musical saws.
  • We had a sheared-off wheel stud from rough Yukon roads.
  • The most popular beer is flavored with birch syrup.
  • A $29 oil change is $75. Nothing is cheap up north.
  • We worshipped with a congregation of six in a church built of logs.

We will miss the Yukon, particularly its people. Yukoners are like most Midwesterners — humble and friendly.  I hope we have a chance to visit again.

(See also Jane Bahls’ Arctic Adventures blog).

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