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Peregrines and Gyrfalcons, but no sandpipers

These past three days have been action packed! In the course of three days, our team has captured two female peregrines and banded 9 gyrfalcon nestlings, but have failed to capture a pectoral sandpiper three times!

In the course of accessing the peregrines and gyrfalcons, we’ve hiked up and down, many times.  It’s been a string of days run in circles, not around cliffs but up and down cliffs.  Just about every time we’d think we were done, and there were not any nests to be found, we would start heading back down the slope.  Halfway, or even after finally reaching the bottom, another teamate would spot a nest and back up we would go.  It certainly takes a lot of stamina hunting birds, and I have certainly put my strength to the test.

We’re leaving for Booth Sound soon though, where Bridger, Jeff, and I will camp for maybe 5 days to capture the birds that were banded with geolocators in the past so that we can download the data that we will use to map their migration.  It will be my first camping experience, and I expect it to be a lot of work! We’ve spent a good amount of time getting ready for the event, packing food and supplies, and are set to live out there for 15 days if for some reason Kurt and Dr. Burnham are not able to pick us up due to weather.

When I get back I will tell the many stories of capturing falcons, because it has been an exciting time so far!


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