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Brazil: Final Reflections

Its so disappointing to have to say this, but this will be my last post. Being back in America although great seeing family and friend, is a disheartening truth. To think I was on a beach a week ago and its 30 outside now, is a sad reality. Flipping through thousands of pictures, all I can think is how much I appreciated my time in Brazil and how much I’d like to go back.

Before traveling to Brazil, I thought it knew what it meant to truly explore a culture. Through my travels in Europe, I felt like a well traveled person. That was where I was mistaken, Brazil showed me there is so many places I am still yet to discover.

The classes on the trip where some of the most perfect mixtures of classes I could have imagined. I took an art, history and world literature class that all complimented each other. I saw major themes such as the dictatorship, modernism, and national pride in all of the classes which opened my mind to how important history is for the current culture of Brazil. Throughout all of the cities I saw a mixture of both Brazilian, Portuguese and Afro-Brazilian influences. Whether it was an old Portuguese fort to defend enemy attack, or an ex-slave runaway. So many different cultures all rolled up into one amazing nation.

I really just want to thank Brazil for being such an inviting country as well. Despite my lack or any ability to speak Portuguese, the people were always inviting to help me out whenever I could. This invitation makes me want to learn a new language fully so badly, and it might as well be one I have this much understanding of already. There’s so many places I still have yet to explore in this country and I am already planning my trip back. I still would like to visit the amazon, see the art of sao paulo, and the beaches of reciefe. Brazil has been an amazing experience that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

We’ll see you in 2014 for the World Cup Brazil and until then stay warm for me!

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