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I tried blogging while we were in Brasilia, but the internet connection didn’t work very well,  so here is my blog that I was going to post but wasn’t able to:

Last Thursday we were forced to leave Salvador earlier than originally planned because of concerns due to the police strike.  While I cannot speak for everyone on the trip, I never once felt that I was unsafe during our stay in Salvador.  I know that a lot of us were really disappointed about leaving early and  I wish that we had been able to stay for the extra few days. Thankfully, despite the fact that we left early, I was able to visit my host family one last time to officially say good-bye before leaving Salvador for Brasilia.

Brasilia is beautiful, but it is very different from both  Rio and Salvador.    A lot of Brazilians that I spoke with in Salvador said that Brasilia was not the most exciting city in the world and I would definitely have to agree.  In my opinion, there was so much Brazilian culture evident in Rio and Salvador, with colorful murals, buildings, vendors, etc., whereas Brasilia reminds me much more of being in a city in the U.S. There are very tall buildings, headquarters for businesses, and malls…. there are no beaches near our hotel and it has rained for most of our time here so far.

We had the opportunity to visit president Dilma Rousseff´s office, which was really amazing and we also went to a modern art museum that I really enjoyed.  On Wednesday we are leaving for Maceió which will be the last city that we visit before heading back to the U.S.

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