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Buses, planes and police strikes

Hello all!

As all have heard, the situation here has been very eventful, but in my opinion very fun. We moved away from our family stay which was very tough. Julieta was the first and best Brazilian mother I have ever had, and leaving her food was difficult. We made the move to Barra, a costal neighborhood of Salvador with my nice bars and restaurants. Moving from sharing a room with one person, to six in our hostel has been interesting, but again we’ve been together 4 weeks already. Leaving Salvador was such a disappointment because it was an incredible costal city with history, beautiful beaches and unforgettable people.

The police strike in Salvador halted our trip in Salvador, so we all packed up and shipped off to the capital of Brazil, Brasilia. It was a very peculiar city, due to the fact that it was a completely planned city. Oscar Niemeyer, one of the most famous and influential architects of Brazil, planned the entire city and it is clear as we drove through the city. The buildings were futuristic and expressed a theme of progress and even oppressive rule. We visited the famous terrace of Brasilia which included the office of the president and congress. I never believed a city could feel so cold and powerful at the same time. It was not only the 4 straight days of rain we received while there, but something bigger.

Our next part of the trip included a trek to the beautiful city of Macieo, which is known for its beauty and beaches!

That is all for now, my next post will be in the midst of Carnival!



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