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Hi everyone!

This post is coming to you from the lobby of the Impenema Inn in Rio de Janeiro. The first week of this adventure has truly been an amazing and enlightening experience. There is so much to tell and I can only begin to express all that we have been able to visit while our time here. All I can say is I already do not want to leave!

The only way to describe the adventures we have been on can be told in one word, incredible. Whether it was traveling to the top of Christo on our first day in Rio, visiting the Valongo slave wharf, or seeing the future sight of the stadium for the 2014 world cup. There is so much too discover and honestly too much to all take in. We have been able to explore the architecture of Oscar Niemeyer  and make connections to the modernist literature of the the Brazilian Modernist Movement, as well as make our own sketches on the Escadaria Selaron and even have them improved by the artist himself.

There is so much to say I cannot even begin to say how meaningful the experience has been already. I have been introduced to a completely new culture that I never realized could be so unique. The people not only are able to stand my lack of Portuguese, but are so encouraged to help out in every way they can. Whether its a mix of spanish/Portuguese/english or solely hand motions, Brazilians are more than happy to help out in every way they can.

Tomorrow we head to our family stays in Salvador, Brazil. We have been told its a beautiful city, and its not half bad that my home is a 5 minute walk from the beach. Hope the zero degree weather is treating everyone well, its about 90 degrees here =)

Stay warm!


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  1. Patrick you are so deep.

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