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Brazilians Shower 3 Times a Day

The first day we went right up to Christ the Redeemer.. not a bad view right?

…just something to laugh at if you know my typical hygenic schedule.. : )

so basically I wrote a very long post and then the internet wouldn’t work and I lost it… so now I’m sorry but this post will suffer a tad.

I’ll post pictures at the end about what we’ve done and share more about my experiences here instead.

I came to Brazil somewhat scared – our classes had focused on preparing us for the worst in a way.. which was very helpful since Brazil can be very dangerous. However, here I have experienced something very different. The people are all very proud and excited that we have come to see their home. They are friendly and want to talk to us even though we typically speak very few words in eachothers languages. Going off of that we have had some amazing experiences talking/placharades with Brazilians.

One day while coiling in a park (what’s coiling? oh yes my friends, I now not only weave and knit but I also make baskets..) and this little kid kept oinking at us – it was adorable. We ‘ve had acutal conversations though as well.. haha one in particular will always stick out in my memory. Rachel and Ellen and I met 3 Brazilian men that were intelligent, beautiful, well-travelled, funny, awesome people and we talked until 2 in the morning – if you can’t tell we are a tad smitten  : )  (my mom wasn’t too happy about that one, right mom? haha don’t worry though they were not creepy at all – in fact we were the ones that approached  them!) The conversations I’ve had with Brazilians range from recommendations while we are here to politics toclothes to why  do all the old people in america live in Florida? (sorry gramma and grampa.. It’s amazing how much they know about us and how little we know of them.


Other interesting thing… juice here is very popular. There are juice stands EVERYWHERE! kinda similar to our coffee shops maybe. They have so many different kinds though – the other day I had a papya guava smoothie! They have so many fruits that we have never heard of. I’ve been eating some dried fruit I bought at the market for snacks this week and still have no idea what it is.. it’s amazing though!


Coconuts… are even more popular than juice stands! There are stands everywhere that have bags and crates filled with coconuts that they cut the top off of and stick a straw in for about 3 reis! (Reis is their currency – $1 is about .7 reis which which seems awesome until you add in inflation). Brazilians believe coconut water is the cure for everything, similar to the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding with windex. Hangover, upset stomach, dehydrated, thirsty, tired.. anything and the answer is simply drink coconut water! I bought some to keep in the fridge and begin everyday as well as end everyday with a couple big gulps : )

It’s hot here.. like HOT HOT. I put on 85 unscreen and reapply… now that may make me more of a grandma but I won’t get skin cancer and I’m also one of the few left that haven’t gotten burnt : )


So now for some of what I’ve spent my days and nights doing (Brazilians don’t sleep, so neither do we.. and naturally that makes for a lot to share..)

I’m sorry for the lack of pictures – uploading here takes time and this blog website is really difficult to work with – I’ll keep trying though.

DAY 1: Saw Christ the Redeemer – it was cloudy which I was bummed  about but ended up being thankful for since the clouds provided protection from the sun and heat. It was unbelievable to stand infront of something so culturally important as well as one of the current 7 wonders of the world. The view was breathtaking – I could have stayed for the entire day. A group of us went out to eat at a place across


I joined the Lit class (which none of us are in) on a 9 hour walkig tour of down town rio. It was so fun! We saw war memorials, churches, schools, an art museum nicknamed little piece of heaven because it is up on the top of a mountain and is goregous, and a park where I chased some crazy duck/chicken type animal around to take a picture my grandpa will hopefully be interested in drawing! When I got back I took a shower and couldn’t move.

DAY 4… today!: Another early morning! Today was simply epic. Every day seems more amazing than the last. We started off by taking the bus to the Escalderia de Selaron – which are famous stairs in Rio. We not only met the artist but he taught us how to draw and then gave us some wood to sketch on where he then painted it and we both signed it. A truly one of a kind deal… These stairs are way more breathtaking than the Spanish Steps.. Selarno (the artist) is convinced they are the reason Rio will be having the olympics since they were shown 4 times in the promo video presented to the board haha a little egotistical but  aren’t all artists? When he first walked up to us we thought he was a homeless man! he was wearing just red shorts and has a crazy beard and long hair. He came to lunch after the workshop with us and I sat across from him – couldn’t understand anything he said but it was awesome. The stairs are all covered in tiles – seems not that amazing but the art is continous, he is constantly renovating and adding or removing tiles. People send him tiles from all over the world and him puts them up. He lives in the Favelas and spends all his money on these stairs.. it’s incredible. We then went to Vargas (one of the past presidents) homes where it seemed like a mini mini European mansion. Very cool. Then we went to a Folklore museum which was also interesting. Then finally home! Another 9 hour tour day! Tonight we are heading to a fair in the NorthEast to eat good food and listen or dance to the live music. Then at 9pm we are heading to a Samba school  that will be in the Rio Carnival! They are going to perform for us and teach us parts of the routine! Awesome!


Do you understand why I’m never coming home now?

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  1. sorry about the picture being massive – understand my frustration now?

  2. Deanna…this is soooo incredible!! Frickman and I read it and are just so amazed at the crazy awesome things you are doing!! Have fun and we can’t wait to hear what you’ll do next! We love you!! 🙂

    So glad you’re having fun. Don’t need to come back. Just build a career as a samba instructor!!! 🙂

  4. Deanna this is SO amazing!! I’m extremely jealous!! It makes me so excited to study abroad this summer!

    Love the title. Love you. I can’t wait to hear about more of your adventures.

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