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Walking Through My Living Space

“The world is a fine place….” –Ernest Hemingway

Location: Dorm Commons, Wittenberg

Status: Relaxed

Now that I’m getting settled in Wittenberg, I can start uploading some pictures.

I really like Lutherstadt Wittenberg. I’ve only really been in the Altstadt, but what the community has done to restore the town in its former Renaissance glory since the DDR (East Germany) is absolutely amazing.

I’l let my pictures do most of the talking.

This can be found right outside my dorm in the alley entrance. “No Nazis” is a fairly common sentiment in a lot of German graffiti, which can be seen on a lot of buildings in Wittenberg and especially Berlin.
Jüdenstraße, with a mysterious “u” umlaut, is the street I’m living on until I move in with my host family. The white building on the left is my dorm.
This is the front side of my dorm, where the main office and the dining room are located.
The front of my dorm used to be an all girls school. “Womanly youth” is in this door’s description. How times have changed.
This is the alley we take to enter our living quarters.
This is where I enter my dorm. This used to be the boy part of the school.
This is what I first see when I enter my dorm. Not too exciting, but it certainly is well kept.
If you were to turn left when you enter the dorm, you would find yourself in the common room. Here’s one view, where tables are nicely set out for us to use.
In the common room, there’s a TV and computer for students to use.
In the common room, there is also a couch and a kitchen area. The fridge is filled with chocolate, bread, cheese, meat and yogurt that we bought.


This courtyard is behind the front entrance of the dorm, but on the west side of the living quarters. This is the back half of it.
This is the front half of the courtyard, where I walk in the mornings to go to breakfast, since the dining hall is in the front part of the building.
Now we’re on the second floor, but in Germany, they call the second floor the first floor because our first floor is their ground floor. Make sense? Anyway, this is looking out into a parking lot that’s also located in the alley.
This is the initial view of my dorm room, which I share with one of my freshman year roommates, Missie. It’s a good time. And our room is awesome!
This is the spacious closet Missie and I share. The full length mirrors are nice, too!
This is where I sleep at night. Modest but comfortable.
I’m not used to the luxury of having my room’s own bathroom, but I’ll take it!
Missie’s desk and bookshelf.
My desk. It’s so lovely and neat; I wish it was this way now!
This is the view from my window. Amazing, is it not?
Yes, that is the Schlosskirche, as in Luther’s Schlosskirche. I may combust to how incredible this view is!

I have other pictures, but I think these are enough to suffice. Perhaps there will be more later. All I know is that I’m biking to Woerlitz tomorrow with everyone.

Until later!

4 Responses to “Walking Through My Living Space”

  1. Abby, thanks for the photos! It really gives a sense of where you are and what your daily routine might be like. Love it! Post some more when you can and tell us how it’s going.

  2. Greetings from Rock Island! Pretty deluxe accommodations, I’d say! Looks like you and Missie are going to be well taken care of … Keep in touch, especially when you move in with your host family. What a great experience!

  3. Abby, I like that “I may combust”–isn’t it like that when you’re face to face with history? I was at Veste Coburg once and saw the room and desk where Luther worked on the translation of the Bible (or was it the 95 theses?) So I know that feeling! Thanks for sending us the thoughts & photos & updates…

  4. What a view! Hope you are having a great time in the “motherland” 🙂

    Enjoy yourself and keep us informed of your wonderful experience……I’m sure you’re dad will want to know about everywhere Luther ate, slept, spoke, argued, etc.!

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