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Procrastinating While “Packing”

The best part about procrastination is that you are never bored, because you have all kinds of things that you should be doing. ~ Anonymous

 As of now, I’m sitting in my room, surrounded my clothes and bags and an empty suitcase, wishing, hoping, praying for a washing machine that works. Needless to say, I haven’t been very productive this Saturday afternoon.

 Well, maybe not productive in the sense of the things I should be doing. Like packing, packing, packing for Wittenberg, Germany!

 My flight leaves Tuesday, August 16, but I need to be done packing by Monday, since the two girls with whom I’m flying will be coming over since I live only a handful of minutes away from the airport.

 Perhaps, in my state of procrastinating self-awareness, I should describe my plans of getting to Europe.

 First of all, I haven’t been out of this country. Not even to Canada. So as a “first timer”, international travel has been quite the learning experience. Back in late February/early March, my father and I spent hours on separate lap tops, trying to find the best deals on flights to and from Europe.

 Finally, going off a suggestion among my friends to visit Ireland, my dad and I found a deal, which my friends approved. We’re flying first to Dublin. Then we’re switching airlines to get us from Dublin to London to Berlin. It’s a tad complicated, but it works, especially considering the price (a thousand dollars to get to and from Europe? I’ll take it).

 So I, along with Missie and Amanda, leave Tuesday night. And the purpose of this sentence is to healthily express all of my anxiety and excitement!!!

 Back to the matter at hand: packing.

 Obtaining the things, which need to be packed, have had their ups and downs. In summary, the clothes and shoes were easy to shop for; the books and Eurail pass (which is a train pass for many trains in Europe that just happens to saves me money) were not so easy. Granted, Die neuen Leiden des jungen W. (translated to The New Sorrows of Young W.) by Ulrich Plenzdorf isn’t on today’s bestselling list, nor is Luther und seine Welt by Graham Tomlin, which I had to settled for the hard-to-find English version of the book: Luther and His World. However, I did not like looking for a Eurail pass because my credit card company wouldn’t accept the purchase. So what did I have to do? Get a travel agency to act as a middleman (in this case, a woman). Not that doing that was too difficult, it just added to my anxieties of traveling abroad without my family.

 So now that I have nearly everything, I should be set to go, right?

 The challenge is just fitting three months’ worth of clothes and other toiletries into one large suitcase, a carryon bag, and a backpack. I know that I can’t bring my entire wardrobe, but still, packing for two seasons in the space I have isn’t something I’ve done before.

 To top it off, my washing machine isn’t working. And I have an accumulating pile of laundry to tackle, so I can take articles of clothing that I will need.

 Okay, so I haven’t done my packing yet. But I’ve done other things! I’ve read some important travel information, including the Eurail pass booklets that arrived with the pass. And I tried doing laundry, but water got everywhere in the laundry room. And I fed my dog. And looked up TSA rules and regulations. And watched some television.

 I guess the quote I chose to start off this blog post with is somewhat true. I am definitely not bored, since I have all these things (well, mainly packing) I need to be doing.

 Perhaps I should get on that. Right. Enough of this computer blogging business. Let’s pack.

 See you when I’m over in Europe.



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  1. Hi Abby,
    What did you forget to pack?

  2. I forgot to pack an umbrella, but so far I only needed it once. But it was warm outside and it only lasted a few minutes, so I was fine. Otherwise, I think I have everything else.

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