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Trinidad Day 10: Back to the States

Our journey to Trinidad & Tobago comes to an end today. We are all sad to say goodbye to the islands. Before driving to the airport, we spent a couple of hours at the mall doing some last minute souvenir shopping and had our last Trini meal of the trip.

This trip has been an amazing experience for the entire team for various reasons. We were able to train on two of the most beautiful islands in the world. I’ve tried more new foods in the past 10 days than I have over the span of my entire life (and loved all of them). We got a taste of what Carnival is like in Trinidad, and we’re all making plans to return for the real thing. We made some great friends along the way. There’s a saying that a Trinidad friend is a friend forever. Our driver Shakey is definitely a lifelong friend. He even offered to house us if we did decide to come back for Carnival. We also bonded through football with all of the teams we played. The games were always competitive, but once the final whistle blew we were all friends. Our team has also come together more than ever. Due to our long bus and plane rides, exciting adventures on the islands, and watching LINGO, we will always remember this trip.

A special thanks to Brenton for making the trip happen and showing us his roots and D for keeping us healthy along the way.

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