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Trinidad Day 9: Back to Trinidad

Aerial view of Trinidad on the propeller plane

This morning we took a flight back to Port of Spain, Trinidad. We are staying in dorm rooms at the University of West Indies. Before going to the university, we went to eat at Trincity which is the largest mall in Trinidad. It wasn’t quite as massive as Woodfield Mall in the Chicagoland, but there were quite a few shops and a variety of food stands to choose from. One thing I’m definitely going to miss about the islands is the variety of foods that they have to offer. Because of the diverse population, Trinidad food has influences from Africa, India, China, and Europe. It’s location in the Atlantic provides plenty of fresh seafood, while chicken and other livestock are also located on the island.

The dorms here are very accommodating. We each have our own spacious room with bed, desk, and armoire. Each room also had its own sink and a large window which helped keep cool in the Caribbean heat. We had a couple of hours to settle in before our rematch against the University of West Indies. The field conditions were much different than the last time we had played them. Instead of downpours, it was hot and humid without a cloud in the sky. It was another toughly fought match, but our fatigue worked against us as we lost 3-1.

Following the game, we ordered pizza and watched the Germany & Brazil game in the lounge (Germany won!) Soccer, football as it is known here, is the main sport in the country. Cricket and rugby are also very competitive but football is the passion of the islands. There is always a football game or highlights on television. Everywhere we went people asked us if we were footballers and asked us about our games, etc.

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