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Trinidad Day 5: It’s Carnival Time

View at the St. Mary's Field

Today was our third consecutive game day. We woke up all feeling sore from the past three days. For breakfast, we drove to a street vendor who was selling “doubles”. Doubles consists of sweet pita bread with spicy chick pea mixture on top. The best part is that the meal was only 4 Trinidad dollars (about 66 cents in the States). When we got back from eating, our trainer “D” led a recovery pool workout. This was a fun way to burn some calories and stretch out our sore muscles. Next we went to the harbor for lunch. There was fresh fish as well as a variety of other meats along with rice and a baked macaroni dish. Many of the guys also got smoothies from a juice stand. I had a “Sour Sop” smoothie. It was delicious, possibly even better than the beetroot smoothie I had yesterday.

The game today was against a mens team in Port of Spain. Brenton knew a lot of the guys from growing up here. We finally played a game with no rain, although it was so hot and humid that I actually wished it was rainy. The game started out pretty even. It was tied 1-1 at half, but we picked up the intensity in the second half and the goals came pouring in. We ended up winning 7-2. We ordered a pizza at the hotel. It wasn’t as good as a Chicago deep dish, but it definitely hit the spot.

There was a carnival launch going on tonight that we went to. It was a preview of the costumes and music that will be at the real carnival in spring time. It was one huge party with dancing everywhere. Halfway through the night, the models walked on stage in a variety of sexy costumes while sparklers and fireworks went off in the background. We left at about 3:30AM and the party was still going very strong. Trinis definitely know how to have a good time. This was probably one of the top nights of my life. We met tons of people (Tyler found the love of his life), all the drinks were included in the ticket price, and there was a great mix of American and Trini music. It was a great way to celebrate our victory.

Fantasy Carnival Fashion Show

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  1. Tyler, its dad, I would like to hear more about you meeting the love of your life. Just saying!

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