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Angelina called… She wants her lips back.

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February 24, 2011

Granada, Nicaragua

Besides the heat, our group is adjusting well to the change of climate and scenery.  A scattering of coughing has infiltrated our group to affect a few, but for the most part, we’re all optimistically healthy. Though my collegiate indulgence in a facial piercing has taken a bit of a beating.  After spending hours amidst the nooks and crannies of the rural clinics, enough dust had succeeded in creeping into my piercing that when I woke up yesterday morning, it was to searing pain and one half of my mouth looking like I had either lost an unfortunate battle with Botox serum or got into a bar brawl with a man named Butch… Good things were not happening.  Angelina Jolie just got bored with her lips and let me borrow them for a little while.  No big deal… Yet, like those who are determined to save the whales or the trees of the Amazon, so too was I equally determined to save my lip ring.  And after practically a mini bar of sterilization techniques, steroids, and antibiotics (oh yes – they don’t mess around here), my lip once again returned to its natural placement on my face.

On a final side note: I had my first cup of coffee recently.  Now, I want to be a journalist and granted, nothing completes the picture of a frazzled writer always on the chase for the next great story more than a pen in one hand and a cup of Jo in the other.  I desperately want to be a coffee-drinker – if not to complete the journalist complex than for the caffeine jolt.  Yet I can’t coax my body to accept it as friend and not foe.

Until now.  Nicaragua has finally provided the right environment for coffee to become my gateway drug.

Not a fan?

You try working 8-hour days in a Nicaraguan medical clinic and it’s guaranteed to change your tune.  Or at least your taste buds.

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