The worldwide Augustana College experience

An Experience that cannot be described

I guess I was somewhat silly to think that I`d have enough free time to update my blog 3-4 times a week. Not having a computer is nice but I don`t get on the internet at all. I`m constantly doing something and making the most of this amazing trip! I`m currently in Tokyo, Japan…the largest city in the world! To recap what I haven`t written in the past few weeks, here is a list of my most memorable moments:

-coming face to face and petting deer in Nara

-also coming face to face with crazy monkeys on top of a mountain in Kyoto(if you look them in they eye, they attack!)

-visiting and learning about numerous Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines such as Horyuji, Todaiji, Byodo-in(Phoenix Hall), Osaka Castle, Matsuyama Castle, Meiji Castle

-a group of us swam out to the O`Torri gate on Miyajima Island when the tide was in (in our bras and boxers!) and a monk yelled at us to get out of the water

-watching a traditional Japanese tea ceremony

-spending an evening with a Japanese family

-eating a small, dried fish(eyeballs and all) in the Korean influenced neighborhood of Shin-Okubo in Tokyo

-going to a Tokyo Giants baseball game-the Japanese crowd loved us! They were very loud(which was unusual for such a quiet society) and sang songs. We didn`t understand what they were saying and made up our own chants!

There are so many more things I could write about but my time is limited online. I`ve had a life-changing experience so far and LOVE JAPAN! I`m even considering teaching English here for a few years.

Hope I can update again soon!

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