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Life is good


Sushi at Darling Harbour

Sushi at Darling Harbour


Court and I at Bronte Beach

Court and I at Bronte Beach

Kuwait City? What the heck was my luggage doing in Kuwait? Either way, it finally arrived in Sydney Friday afternoon!!  Ha. No, you don’t get it. You cannot possibly grasp how tremendously excited I was to see my big blue bag! 



We spent a hot Friday afternoon at the beach–Coogee.  It is another smaller beach down a few km from Bondi.  Court returned before I did  and greeted me by enthusiastically asking/shouting if I saw my luggage behind the check in desk–all I had to do was claim it! We ran down stairs like it was Christmas morning.  What a relief! We had to celebrate!

After getting dressed in my own clothes, Court, Robbin, and I headed to Darling Harbour.  It is a unique, slightly more upscale part of the city.  The harbour is surrounded by nice restaurants, shopping, and night clubs.  We ate at a delicious Japanese restaurant well worth the few extra dollars.  Robbin and I had Sushi and Courtney had honey chicken which was 17 times better than the chicken platter experience in Chinatown.  We sat outside and admired the city’s skyline, harbour, and perfect weather–probably 70 degrees with a light breeze!

After dinner we danced our little hearts out. After making a few different stops and checking different places out, we ended up at a place called Pontoon because it was playing the best music–best meaning American hiphop/pop…ya know, the good stuff they play in clubs back home.  Well, we were dancing fools laughing a lot and loving life.  Within about 20 minutes we realized we were in an Indian bar/club! It was awesome–everyone was so happy and no one cared that we were “different.” We were all singing the same lyrics and having a truly wonderful time.  

On the way home I broke my shirt. Dana (best friend back home) given me a cute halter top that ties with beads.  I must have yanked on it because it snapped and the beads were falling off.  Ha. This random Italian guy, Paul, stopped and fixed it. Sounds bizarre, but it was extremely helpful. I think he was a fisherman. 

Sunday I bought a swimsuit at Manly (my favorite beach). 

Monday Meriton housekeeping mistook the bag with my swimsuit in for rubbish and threw it away.

Tuesday I packed for my trip today (Wednesday).

Wednesday I feel like a chicken with my head cut off now (story of my life). I leave for the airport in 8 minutes and am not ready and need to gather some things.  I am off to meet Jim (yess!!) and then off to the Great Barrier Reef  and the Whitsunday Islands for the weekend.  Life is good.

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  1. Kate,
    It is better that the bag went to Kuait, rather than Kate. You would have had to buy a burka just to get out of the airport.

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