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Bronte Beach…Worst Day Ever

pic-2Bronte beach is with out a doubt one of the most gorgeous beaches I have ever seen in my life.  It is relatively small in size compared to the massive size of Bondi Beach.  It is surrounded by hills lined with million dollar villas, reminiscent of an Italian hillside.  The perfectly warm sand combined with powerful waves and plenty of large rocks to climb make Bronte a perfect weekend adventure. Bryan Hallene and I routinely looked around at our magnificent views of beaches and city skylines making sarcastic comments such as, “This is honestly the worst day I have ever had.  This place is absolutely terrible. The view is horrible, the sand is too hot, and the waves are too big.  I really can’t see my self having any fun here at all.”  An anonymous person in our group (cough, cough), Amy Terry, would consistently say some thing along the lines of, “Really?  I think this beach is pretty nice.”

Stanley and I NOT enjoying the view

Stanley and I NOT enjoying the view


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  1. Thanks, Simon. I’m glad that my blonde moments of always believing your sarcasm are entertaining for you!

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