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First week in Dublin

Hello!  Haven’t gotten to blog much recently, since we are allotted twenty minutes free internet access at the hotel and then after that it is five euro (six dollars eighty-three cents) for 24 hour access.

Right now we are staying at the Mount Herbert Hotel in Dublin 4 (the city of Dublin is divided into twenty-four different postal districts or divisions), and are walking distance to the immense Lansdowne stadium and about a twenty minute walk to the center of Dublin and the River Liffey .

Speaking of walking, it is our primary means of travel around Dublin.  It is quite a sight to see thirty plus Americans taking up an entire Irish sidewalk.  Today, we visited the National Botanical Center and later the Glasnevin Cemetery (vast cemetery in north Dublin containing many famous, historical figures–such as Michael Collins and Daniel O’Connell).

So far it has been easy to adapt to the culture.  However, my first bit of culture shock came when I asked a grocery store employee where the restroom was located.  He responded in a thick accent and I had thought that he misheard me.  Rather, he was laughing at me and asking me where I was from.  Public restrooms are hard to find in Dublin and there weren’t any at this grocery store (Dubliners must have a unique ability to hold it for long periods while shoping).

We are here in Dublin until this Monday, when we will then depart for Cork.

Will write more soon.

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  1. Hi Michael. Wish I was there! I seem to remember that Dubliners walk at a brisker pace than Americans, so keep up! Glad to see the photos, too.

  2. Is Jamie Roskamp on this adventure?

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