The worldwide Augustana College experience

Jamaican Experience 3

     We were greeted by the Alpha Girls School with a welcoming assembly, while all us Augie volunteers sat on stage and the girls sang. It was very sweet of them. The headmaster praised Mike’s accomplishments in the past and was very thrilled that we were there to help out his students. Many of […]

Kingston Time

So I have loved Kingston so far, and cannot wait to see the real Kingston tomorrow. Now reading that last sentence might not make sense, but understand that we are staying in a hotel in Upper Kingston. It is very clear that this is the rich part of town and is not what the true […]

Kickin it with the Kids in Kingston

Finally it was our time to head into Kingston and show the Alpha School what we had to offer. We arrived around 8:15 and got to meet all of the girls from the girls school and took part in their assembly. It was definitely something great to see, a new experience with girls who were […]

The Last Day Blog

After the great turnaround from the boys yesterday afternoon I became very sad at the thought of leaving the school and especially since Tara, Taelar, and I had agreed to have a play day. What our plan consisted of was to ask the boys to teach us some of the games that they play on […]

First Day In Australia

I am writing this post from my apartment in Sydney…I just woke up on the second day and wanted to share my travel process as well as my first day here. The plane rides were both very long..about 4 hours to LAX and then around 14 to Sydney. Our plane to Sydney was HUGE, and […]

Jamaica- A Jamaican Attitude If you cannot tell by now, I am a planner and I love using schedules, both of which we were able to use today (well, at least for the morning). In the weeks leading up to working at the Alpha schools, the elementary education group has been very anxious and lost […]

First Days in Kingston

       When we arrived at the Alpha Schools yesterday morning, all the high school girls were waiting outside. The high school at Alpha is an all girls school, and these girls take their education very seriously. So seriously that over 100 of them showed up yesterday on their holiday break to learn material […]

First 2 Days of Teaching!

Well today marked our first day at the Alpha Boys School. We were all very anxious to enter the school setting to experience what the schools and students are like in Jamaica. Being in the group that was teaching elementary aged boys, we didn’t have much information regarding the age levels we would be working […]

Jamaica- A True American Girl I am absolutely loving Jamaica, but there have been a few moments where I miss my true American home. Yesterday while by the pool, the Star Spangled Banner began to play over the speakers and every one of us at the pool stopped and put our hands on our hearts; […]

Welcome to the Jungle! The Great Huts

    It was sad to leave the Jewel Bay Resort but I was ready to explore another side of Jamaica. The hills are amazing but with two vans chugging up the winding roads can be a little nerve racking, especially when the roads have big potholes in them. It’s a shame that these potholes […]