The worldwide Augustana College experience

Jamaica Blog #1

I can’t believe that I’m here! I’m finally, finally in Jamaica. This trip has been so long anticipated, so long planned for that it began to feel like it was never actually going to happen. I’m surprised at how, although we are in a third world country, I still feel like I’m in America. The […]

First Week of Interning – Hoyts Group

My internship while in Sydney is with Hoyts Group. Hoyts is a combination of movie cinemas and rental kiosks…sort of like our AMC theatres combined with Redbox. My role at Hoyts is with the CTG or Cinema Technology Group. I work specifically on the support team which means I have two main roles. My first […]

Cheese Please.

Our week of shenanigans before our internships start is quickly coming to a close. However, I will say that we have made the absolute most of it. After our Blue Mountain and kangaroo petting escapade, we settled down and had our internship orientation with the CAPA advisors (the Sydney representatives in charge of our abroad […]

First Week In Australia

It has been just a bit over one week here in Sydney, and I wanted to share my thoughts so far. First, we have all been so busy trying to do as much as we can during this week off before we start our internship. Most of us wake up early, before 8:00am, and don’t […]

Time To Get Down To Business

Wednesday morning we all woke up early, put on our teacher clothes, ate a free breakfast, and headed to the schools. A large group of girls greeted us as soon as we entered the grounds. All of the math teachers were excited to see the large group of girls, but I could tell they were nervous. We all […]

Welcome 2013

On New Year’s Eve we visited the local market. The first thing that we did when we got to the market was to either exchange our American dollars for Jamaican dollars or go to the ATM to withdrawal money. I went to the ATM and withdrew Jamaican money. In Jamaica $100 U.S. is about $9000 […]

Over Already? No, it has just begun!

Wow. It is hard to put to words how the last three days of the trip went while at the Alpha Schools. To put into perspective how I felt going into this experience I have to admit the anxiety and stress I continuously struggled with as we prepared for the trip, mentally and physically. After Student […]

Jamaica: Great Huts 2 & Alpha

So my plan to blog after the Great Huts was a complete fail. However, there were still some interesting things that happened. After those first two days at the huts, we spent a lot of time traveling around and visiting different beaches. After going to the blue lagoon, the group went to Hanna Banana. Even […]

Kangaroo Burgers & North Sydney

Well, it is day 3 in Sydney and I am loving it. This morning our group was supposed to go on a bus tour of Sydney, unfortunately the bus did not show up. Most of the group went to the beach safety course but a few of us guys ventured off towards North Sydney to […]

Jamaica- Feelings of Leaving Alpha I do not even know how to begin to describe my feelings over the three days at the Alpha Boys school. I was surprised when on the first day, the principal warned us that many boys were there because they have gotten in trouble with the law and are trying […]