The worldwide Augustana College experience

Fricke Jamaica 2

Don’t go chasing waterfalls….but go ahead and jump right off them! Today has to be the most adventurous day of my life! We went to Reach Falls today and the view alone was enough to satisfy me. Our itinerary had a little more in store for us though. We began by following a Jamaican guide […]

The bonding blog

Last night was our first night sleeping in a tree and surprisingly it was the best night sleep I’ve had on this trip. Today we had some extra free time because the Port Antonio market wasn’t open on Sundays. So naturally we all headed down to the Boston Bay to grab some sun and sand. […]

The first few days

The process of getting to Jamaica was a long one. I was worried and took about 4 days to pack my suitcase and then kept checking and rechecking my bags. Then the day after Christmas I traveled to Chicago with Abby and stayed the night over night and woke up early and went to the […]

Blog for day 3 – Jessie Allen

Where do you blog? From your bedroom? Perhaps your kitchen. Well, I’m currently blogging on the edge of the world. That’s what it feels like, at least. I’m sitting on a rickety old lounge chair that’s perched at the top of a cliff. Literally, a cliff, no metaphors intended here. There is at least a […]

Face Your Fears, Mon!

I have been in the incredible country of Jamaica for four days now. Leaving the United States is something I have never done in my twenty-one years, so that step alone was a huge first for me, but the firsts don’t stop there! Leaving the country is always something that has sounded wonderful to be, […]

Jewel Runaway Bay, Jamaica!

Well it is officially the eve of the third day of my trip to Jamaica and I feel like it is time to write some of my/our adventures down. After landing in Montego Bay we had some time to kill while Dr. J went to get our second van. As we took in the humid, […]

Ainsworth-Jamaica post 2

Jamaica-The Car Ride As we loaded the vans to drive to the Great Huts, I was an anxious because these were what I have been waiting for. I love the outdoors and I am used to being outside all day (especially since I am a camp counselor in the summer). The car ride started out […]

“No Problem” Time

It’s hard to believe that Christmas was just four days ago. When you’re on a trip, you almost lose all concept of time. That seems especially so in this beautiful, carefree environment. I asked one of the workers at the hotel what time it was last night, and he told me it was “no problem” […]

Jamaica Journal 1

 It took us quite a while to get here…the plane was delayed about 40 min in the runway, customs is a pain, the vans took over an hour to get, and the hotel had to find everyone a new room…but everything worked out and we were able to get to our rooms around 6:40pm! Our 6am meeting time […]

Jamaica Blog 1

Jamaica Blog 1 I am just like in awe of this country… What am I doing here? Is this seriously real life? First we stay at this beautiful resort. It was all inclusive! I’ve never been anywhere like that before. It was such a good experience and is definitely the way to stay if at […]