The worldwide Augustana College experience

Being careful with what we have

July 10 Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted. -Aldous Huxley In the Arctic, you learn not to take the basics needed for a comfortable life for granted. Consider: • In some of the places we’ve been up north, there is no tap water. Most of the drinking water […]

Experiencing the lost continent of Beringia

July 9 I would fain grow old learning many new things. — Plato I love learning. And recently I have been learning about what has been called the lost continent of Beringia. During the last ice age, so much of the world’s water resources were tied up in ice that the level of the oceans […]

Peregrines and Gyrfalcons, but no sandpipers

These past three days have been action packed! In the course of three days, our team has captured two female peregrines and banded 9 gyrfalcon nestlings, but have failed to capture a pectoral sandpiper three times! In the course of accessing the peregrines and gyrfalcons, we’ve hiked up and down, many times.  It’s been a […]

Responding to a two-flat-tire day

July 6 Three factors predict flat tires on rough roads – tire condition, road condition, and luck (or lack thereof) — Travel Host at Northwest Territories Visitor Center

Chasing Wildlife on North Mountain

These past two days we’ve spent most of our time on North Mountain, which is a big mountain lining the Northern edge of base. There is a big valley in the middle of the mountain with a few large ponds/small lakes, that has a pretty lush tundra and is home to many birds. Yesterday, after […]

Almost Ready! Let the Field Season Begin!

With the rest of the crew, Dr. Jennifer Burnham and Dr. Jeff Johnson, showing up in just two days, the boat and supplies are just about ready for the summer! For the most part, the logistics, restrictions, guns, and boat have all been sorted out. After waiting for the weekend to pass, yesterday 2 July […]

Turning the Arctic crystal

July 1, 2012 Now let’s turn the crystal, looking at it from a different angle. – J. Martin Burke, law professor at the University of Montana School of Law I am fond of advising our students to “turn the crystal,” that is, to look at the world from different angles and vantage points. I think […]

Greenland Finally! Preparations for the Field Season Begin

GREENLAND FINALLY! June 29th, 2012 After a long ride of trying to get some sleep in before a big day in Greenland, we arrived! Flying into Greenland was an amazing site! Much of the Ocean was frozen in parts, and little icebergs were scattered across the ocean landscape.  Greenland itself is full of frosty looking […]

Washington D.C.

These past few days since leaving Chicago have flown by fast, despite having to hurry up and wait at times as I talked about before. We’ve been doing a lot preparation for the field season, which has been good hard work! Before I get into that, however, let’s catch up on the second half of […]