The worldwide Augustana College experience

First few days of Rio

It all started at 6 15am the day of our flight when I woke up so my sister could take me to the bus station. My bus got me to Ohare by around 10am, and our flight didnt leave until 3pm. My luggage came in at 60lbs and 14lbs for my carry on. I spent […]

We feel so grown up…

This past week has flown by and I can hardly believe it’s already Sunday morning. Most of us have started our internships now or at least had an interview, and this coming week will be the first full week for us. I had an interview at Red Agency on Tuesday morning and I immediately fell […]

Brazilians Shower 3 Times a Day

…just something to laugh at if you know my typical hygenic schedule.. : )

We’re Down Under!

So it has been almost a week now since we left the states for the land down under, and I have felt every emotion possible in the last 5 days. The flights were long but most of us just slept and watched movies; I watched every available episode of modern family and snoozed for a […]

New Year, New Country

It’s official—only three days left before I head off to Brazil!! I am unbelievably excited, but incredibly nervous as well. The reason for my excitement is probably obvious; who wouldn’t love going to Brazil right now? But why am I nervous? Because this experience is so completely different from anything I’ve ever done before. And […]

Here Goes Nothin’…

As I am soon to travel to Brazil, I reflect on my preparedness and nerves about my upcoming adventure. Prior to coming home for the holidays, I spent the first 5 weeks of my 10-week Winter Term on campus, immersed  in Brazil studies. I participated in, and will continue during my travels, a history course, a […]


I’m so excited to see the art. Especially the street art, which is everywhere in Brazil. Look at this awesome picture : ) I’m also excited to take pictures with my polaroid camera… except I won’t be able to post them to the blog. Bummer.