The worldwide Augustana College experience

Goodbye Familiar, Hello New…

Thursday morning a group of nearly 80 students including myself will be leaving for Asia.  We will be starting in Japan and traveling to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China.  We will end our trip in Hawaii.  I am looking forward to all the fun times and new and exciting things we will be learning.  I […]

A Week of Birthday Celebrations!

I would like to start off by thanking everyone SO MUCH for all of the wonderful birthday wishes!! They made my day extra special and helped me to feel like I was still celebrating with everyone at home even though I’m a hemisphere away! I started my birthday celebrations a day early by going to […]

How can it be that it is already time to say goodbye? :(

As of this morning i finished my last final so i am done with summer school at CEDEI! i cannot believe how fast time has flown. it seems like just yesterday that i got off the plane in Quito and found myself in a whole new world. that new world has now become my second […]


I spent last weekend in the coast at Montañita Beach which is one of the craziest places I have ever been! we left on Friday at noon and getting there was an adventure. we took a taxi service called a fuganeta from Las Pencas in Cuenca to Guayaquil which is 3 and a half hours […]

Greenland Photos 3 (Peregrine Falcons)

Greenland Photos 2

Greenland (week4)

After our trip to Booth Sound, we returned home and Kurt greeted us with great news. Our new boat motors were on their way! This meant that we can go out to different locations again! We had been stuck on base and sampling local birds for the past few days.  When the motors came in […]