The worldwide Augustana College experience

An Experience that cannot be described

I guess I was somewhat silly to think that I`d have enough free time to update my blog 3-4 times a week. Not having a computer is nice but I don`t get on the internet at all. I`m constantly doing something and making the most of this amazing trip! I`m currently in Tokyo, Japan…the largest […]


We’ve been in the worlds largest city for about 9 days now.  Tokyo is such an overwhelming place there is so much to do and with classes and homework it just does not seem like there is enough time to see everything.  I’ve mostly seen Shibuya and I have also been to Shinjuku a couple […]

Pottery and Taiko and Tea, Oh My!

Sorry for the delay! I’m in Tokyo right now, and there’s an awful lot to do here..Hopefully I’ll be all caught up in the next week or so September 5th


Arriving in Matsuyama was a bit more of a culture shock because there is very little English anywhere in the city.  However, it has some interesting aspects.  The first restaurant we went to was unique.  We ordered our meals out of a vending machine type thing and handed the receipt to the cook and they […]


September 1st Getting ten friends through a Japanese subway station is a pain. Getting eighty students through? That’s a nightmare. The whole group went through three stations leaving mass destruction and utter chaos in a our wake on our way from Kyoto to Hiroshima . My personal favorite moment was when everyone got on the […]


We made a quick stop in Hiroshima after Kyoto.  While Kyoto is my favorite city so far because of it’s beauty and just the feel of the city while walking around, I also really love Hiroshima.  I like the river that is near the park it is relaxing to sit and watch it.  I also […]

Hello Kyoto

August 25th Adventures today started just after class. We wandered into an arcade, which was pretty cool. It sounded like a Vegas casino inside, but with crane games instead of slot machines. Except here, they’re known as UFO Catchers, not crane games…We also played the Japanese version of Guitar Hero…Taiko Drum Hero. After seeing a […]

Oh Deer!

August 24th Today was Nara. Yet again, I’ve been struck by the welcoming nature of many Japanese. On the train, I got gum from a little Japanese lady who was excited to meet such an okii gaijin (big foreigner). I joked with a little Japanese boy, who mocked me for my okii-ness. I laughed with […]

My Life Would Suck Without You

Hello from Kyoto!  Our time in Kyoto is over halfway done and we’ve been having a blast!  We left Osaka on wednesday and on the way to Kyoto we went to shrines that I mentioned in my last blog.  We started with the Horyuji Temple in Nara and then visited the Byodoin Temple.  Byodoin is also called […]


Currently we are in Kyoto right now, we have been here since Wednesday night and have done so many exciting things.  Kyoto is a beautiful place to walk around in.  Everywhere you go you see mountains surrounding you.  For our first lunch in Kyoto we found a restaurant that was more of a traditional Japanese […]