The worldwide Augustana College experience

Hi! My name is Amy Moon, and I will be a junior in the fall at Augustana. I am double majoring in elementary education and Spanish. After I graduate I hope to teach in a bilingual elementary classroom where I will teach part of the day in Spanish and part of the day in English. This summer I am studying abroad in Cuenca, Ecuador for 10 weeks. This will be my first time out of the country so I am very excited for this experience, and I am looking forward to speaking only in Spanish for the next 10 weeks!

Quito and Otavalo, Ecuador!!

i apologize for these blogs being a little late, but i finally have time to catch up on my blogging…hope you enjoy hearing about my trip so far! so i absolutely LOVE ECUADOR!!! its crazy how different ecuador is from the US. the past 2 days have been absolutely amazing! i opened my windows in […]

ECUADOR! Summer 2010

Tomorrow morning at 7:45 am I will be getting on a plane for the first time in my life! My family has always driven everywhere, so I am nervous/excited to be flying for the first time! 3 hours later the plane will land in Miami. At 4:15 pm I will board another plane that will land in Quito, […]