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How Many Mountains Did You Climb This Weekend?

Hello! I hope everyone that’s following my blog is doing well and had a great Fourth of July!! I’m sitting here between my two midterms faced with two choices… study or blog. Well that’s an obvious decision! I need to update you all on my busy, busy life before I leave for the jungle tomorrow! […]

The Best and Worst of Ecuador …

So I have had quite an interesting weekend … I ended up not going to the party because it was changed to a different day and I’ll be in the jungle when it happens so no party for me. Oh well, I’m not heart-broken, I would have been the only gringa there anyways. Instead, I […]

Cooking, Dancing, Playing, my three favorite things …

Hola! I am currently nomming on a granny smith apple from Chile! Too bad it isn’t the local stuff. 🙁 There has been so much that has happened and I’m sorry I haven’t gotten around to blogging about it. First on the very long list I’ve compiled, Cooking class. It was during lunch one day […]

Toy Story 3, 50th Anniversary Parties, and Incan Ruins– Oh My!

Last week was a fairly subdued week with mostly routine activities and a little bit of unscheduled fun here and there. On Wednesday I finally called my parents. (Sorry that it only took me a month, guys!) It was so great to hear their voices and just chat about the little things that won’t fit […]


so my host brother, fernando, works for the government in cuenca, and the first week here he told me if the president of Ecuador was ever in town I would have the opportunity to meet him! that opportunity came yesterday! i was sitting in parque calderon taking in the sun and eating ice cream and […]


on sunday we went to Ingapirca which was really cool. we first went to this beautiful chapel and we got to climb up to the top of the outside of the chapel where there was a gorgeous view. this chapel has a legend that all the animals and crops in the area were dying so […]

Photo Blog!

I’ve had lots of requests for more pictures so I figured today I would post some of the highlights of the trip so far! I hope you enjoy! (You can click on each picture to scrutinize them more, if you’d like!)

A weekend of traditions!

It’s official. I’m sick. I have a terrible cough and I can’t stop sneezing. I don’t know what it is because I’m sure it’s not from food but it needs to go. I have things to do. Last weekend, the group traveled to Ingapirca and the Incan ruins were sooo beautiful! It was a very […]

Everyone’s Time Will Come…

…And mine came this weekend. That’s right, I’m talking about Traveler’s Sickness, Montezuma’s Revenge, food poisoning: You name it, I got it. It happens to most when staying in a foreign country with different bacteria than what you are used to. And the longer you are there, the better your chances get. I was mentally […]

La gente …

Hola! Wow it’s been a while since I’ve blogged! Where to begin … Every day here is a new adventure. There are always new things to discover in Cuenca. The markets are by far my favorite 🙂 I can’t help myself, I love shopping. I convinced my teachers to take me on field trips last […]