The worldwide Augustana College experience

Hi, I’m Liz Hinds from Monticello, IL. I am a junior at Augustana (it’s gone by so fast!), and I’m double majoring in pre-med and biochemistry and minoring in Spanish. I absolutely love music and singing and am in the Augustana Choir here on campus. I’m so excited to be going to Latin America this fall! I can’t wait to experience the rich cultures and historical sites of Ecuador, Peru and Mexico. There are so many things and places I’ve only read about in class that I finally get to see and experience first-hand!

Where am I again?

As I was walking down the street the other day I was greeted by several signs advertising everything from restaurants to dentistry, but all of the ads had something in common: There were an unusual amount of European looking faces smiling back at me trying to entice me to buy into whatever they were selling. […]

What I will miss most about Ecuador

I know this is very late, but I promise I’ll talk about Peru soon! For now, a quick update about leaving Ecuador… What I’ll miss most. 1.The language

Breaking the Language Barrier

As our time in Cuenca nears its end, I’m finding that I’m getting really stressed out about the end of our “term” My Spanish final promises to be a doozy and I might be a little over my head with my tapestry design for my art class. I could be writing my paper for Spanish […]

Mi Hermoso Ecuador

We´ve just wrapped up our first week in Cuenca and I´m sorry it´s been so long since my last update! On our way from Riobamba we stopped at Ingapirca, the site of Inca ruins in the Cañar Province or Ecuador. Originally, Ingapirca was inhabited by the Cañaris until the Incas took over and blended their […]

On the way to Cuenca

I´m writing to you all from a computer in a small room, in a converted hacienda, way before wake-up call.  I woke up a little early on my own this morning and decided that it would be a wonderful idea to explore the grounds at sunrise. I´ll have to upload some pictures soon because everything […]

Ecuador, Day 1.

I wish I could give a full update on everything that’s happened in the last day, but that would be a lot to write and read about. The flight from Houston to Quito went along smoothly. I watched a couple of movies and played cards with the guys in the seats next to me, so […]

Leaving on a jet plane

I am currently on the plane from O’Hare to Houston and I must say, it wasn’t without it’s difficulties. I live in a small town about three hours from our departure airport, so my parents and I drove up the night before and stayed in town overnight. I, of course, still had one paper to […]

My First Post!

Location: Bedroom floor Music: I Gotta Feeling-Black Eyed Peas Let’s see, Latin America… I think I’m ready… In terms of packing, I’ve narrowed it down to one duffel and a backpack (a major feat). I have my anti-malarial drugs, super-charged bug spray, anti-itch spray, my first aid kit and my weaving loom for art class. […]