The worldwide Augustana College experience


I think the best way to update these is the day after everything happens. So Day One went pretty well.  I kind of failed at going to a Cultural site for an hour because I ended up waiting for my laundry for two and a half hours (I needed clean pants!). I did, however, visit […]

Picture time!

Ok, this is for real. I’m actually posting pictures this time. I’ve got a lot to share, so bear with me. We’ll start with Peru! all of girls in our groups on the tour of the mud city, Chan Chan.


Hey everyone! When I woke up yesterday and spent a good two hours online before class, I had no idea there would be an upcoming challenge presented to us later that night.  At our ISS meeting last night, Dr. Bertsche, along with the other professors, expressed a concern that we were becoming too comfortable in […]

¡Bienvenido a México!

We finally made it to Mexico, marking the last few weeks of our trip here in Latin America. I am already really excited to get back to the U.S. because I miss home and the people I love, but at the same time I am still enjoying my time here, so I think I’m in […]

Chaotic Clinics and Wild Whitewater Rafting

The past couple of weeks have been filled with lots of travel, illness, studies, and the new excitement of Mexico.  We had multiple excursions in Peru, and finding a phone or internet proved very difficult, if the time to look could even be found.  One of my favorite activities that we did while we were […]

Bienvenidos a Mexico!

Things are finally settling into a normal schedule here in beautiful Cuernavaca. We arrived in Mexico last Sunday night, and by the next morning, we had met our host families (just in time for lunch, too!) It’s been a few days now and I’ve had time to unpack and get my laundry done (Hallelujah!). There […]

Toto…I have a feeling we’re back in Kansas?

We’ve been traveling around South America for about a month and a half and so far everything had been vastly different from the United States. None of the major stores, products, restaurants, or fast food places have been spotted, except for the occasional McDonalds, Coca-cola, Doritos, and Oreos. Whenever we would see something familiar we […]

Where am I again?

As I was walking down the street the other day I was greeted by several signs advertising everything from restaurants to dentistry, but all of the ads had something in common: There were an unusual amount of European looking faces smiling back at me trying to entice me to buy into whatever they were selling. […]

The top of the world has butterflies.

Wow. I was just on top of the world. Literally. It was so amazing that I am still a little awestruck. It’s so hard to describe something that you have to feel and experience for yourself to understand the magnitude of it, but I am going to try. One of the things I was looking […]

Peru and Manu

So a lot has happened since my last post, and to be honest I don’t want to write a 10 page blog on this one, so I’m just going to start from the time we entered Peru! We left Ecuador and my family for the past 3 weeks on August 21 and entered into the […]