The worldwide Augustana College experience

you have to be fit to catch a falcon

 Even though I’ve only been at the Thule air base for a little over a week, I have already learned so much. I learned how to set small bird traps, how to measure wings, tails and beaks, how to put together blood sampling kits, and even how to drive stick shift and play Danish pin […]

The final days in Japan

For our last day in Japan Stephi, Gage and I decided to visit Korea town. The streets were filled with K-pop stores and many tasty looking restaurants. While I have never had any experience with K-pop, I found the stores to very intriguing and even entertaining. While many of bands emphasized male pop groups there […]

Tierra to Kobe

Today began with a tour of the Tierra works factory. This was the last HCM facility that we were invited to see. This establishment had very distinct and diverse characteristics. There were many workers that ranged from local Japanese workers to foreigners from places like the Netherlands or South America. Our hosts, as always, were […]

A Weekend in the Mountains: An Onsen Adventure

We started our day by leaving our hotel in Ueno, Tokyo for the train station. We dragged our luggage to Ueno Station, stored our belongings, and got on the train for the mountains. As we moved out of the city, the landscape transitioned into an expanse of rice paddies and traditional homes, with the mountains […]

More Fun Firsts

We had more trips today to other factories in Ibaraki Prefecture, Hitachinaka and Rinko Works. Our day included more presentations, factory tours, and Q&A sessions. At Rinko works, we got the pleasure of seeing a completed excavator. Normally they do not completely assemble the machines because they are difficult to ship; however, they had finished […]

Hitachi Limited, Tsuchiura, and Karaoke


Today the entire day was spent in Tsuchiura. After having breakfast at the hotel, we went to Tsuchiura works, Hitachi Construction Machinery’s main factory. The employees kindly prepared an introductory presentation as well as a presentation to answer the questions of our team members who are researching HCM’s eco products. We started off with an […]

Boston Bay/Port Antonio: The Great Huts

I thought the drive to Port Antonio was almost as cool as the city itself. We drove through all these little cities and you could clearly see their culture just though the windows of the car. There were street vendors, music playing everywhere, people hanging out on the streets, and school children walking around in […]

Welcome to Beautiful Jamaica!

Flying into Jamaica was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. I could not believe how blue the water looked from the plane. I was amazed to find that airport security was a lot more laid back than in the United States, and we got through customs no problem. […]

The Final Chapter

As we fly over Jamaica, I can’t help but think that while I experienced and learned so much, I did not even scratch the surface. In my last blog post, I wrote about how beautiful the landscape of the countryside is but this past week I was able to learn that the true beauty lies […]