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First things first: I SURVIVED MY FIRST REGISTRATION! I did this successfully in fact and am astonished that things resulted in the way I wanted them to turn out. I will let some of you possible first year’s out there in on a couple secrets that will help you immensely  (this will definitely help anyone else who seemed to have as much trouble as I did!)

I achieved registration in a total of 3 steps…

1.) Don’t just freak out, super-freak out as if its the end of the world. JUST KIDDING! DON’T DO THIS!!! Though I will admit that towards the end of registration I began freaking  out a bit…TOTALLY not worth it.

Okay, so the serious 3 steps I took…

1.) Don’t have one plan of action. Have three, four, or upwards of five different plans. Also, like Michael Miller suggested, put it into ‘real time”. This makes it seem real and, for me, it made me want the class more than I might have needed it.

2.) Use your resources. The teachers I had during fall term were what held me together and what really got me on track. They were willing to speak to other professors for me and everything. This was all because I actually decided to talk to them about what was going on. Believe it or not, but the professors are people too and LOVE it when people start up a conversation with them about something other than the assignment at hand. It not only builds your relationship with that professor  but it also shows that you respect them enough to acknowledge that they are real people too.

3.) Go straight to the problem. I mean this in the most respectful way I can. What I mean by this is to look at what’s giving you an issue during registration. If it’s things like the class you really want to take conflicts with another class that you have to take go straight to talking to the professors about it. You may not know them, but they understand the pressures of registration. They understand that classes conflict and this might be surprising, but they actually want to help you in any way they can!! I had a problem with getting into calculus and spanish classes, but yet I needed both of them for my major/minor. I immediately emailed the professors and started talking about my options and if they could do anything to help and they were extremely helpful with everything. It was a nice realization that college isn’t filled with scary professors who like to fail students. Haha.

Anyway, if I was in my english class right now and I had to sum up what I just told you, I’d probably say something like, “hard work, dedication, and respectfulness.” But I really don’t have to do that so just ignore that part 🙂

I’m going to let you in on a little secret though…..I have to go through another 11 registrations! You’ll be hearing about this subject again, I promise. 🙂

Alright, well my bed is calling my name! Goodnight!!!


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