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Fact or Fiction..?

OH MY GOSH, I can not believe it’s already almost Friday of week 3! I never imagined school would go by this fast!! Plus, I’m currently counting down the days until my birthday. 🙂

Alright for starters I must refer to the wonderfully magical and mysterious Princess Tray. I’m sure all the upperclassmen know about the so called myth but I’m here to tell all of you current freshman, as well as those of you who could be incoming freshman, that the Princess Tray does in fact exist. As I have been told, if you get this tray, it should bring you luck throughout the  school year. The tray looks the same on the bottom but when you flip it over it has a pretty lace pattern. There are some located in both Westerlin and in the College Center so make sure you’re on the watch for it! So far I have gotten the tray 3 times and it is only week 3; I’m sure you can imagine how excited I am. 🙂 Believe or don’t believe; it’s your choice. I think it’s real 🙂

Speaking of the trays, I don’t think that the women who work in the cafeteria can see this but I would just like to thank them for being so  pleasant through the day. I visit the College Center at least twice a day during the week and they have been nothing but polite to me every single day. One person can really make a difference in the kind of day you might be having and who knows, you might just be the one to make their day!

As a last point, for any of you fellow Emerge Leaders out there….who’s excited for the outdoor adventure this sunday??? I know I am! I can’t wait!

Next week I’m sure I’ll complain about the homework load but this week I wanted to stay positive and get the word out about the Princess Tray 🙂

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  1. totally remember that tray from when I was a student. Thanks for the fun memory…

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