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Summer Connection 2012: One of Our Many First Steps

Today, I walked into the Hanson Hall of science building for the second time at Augustana; but this time it wasn’t for a visit. Oh no, I was there to take one of my many first steps that would control how the rest of my life played out – the much anticipated Summer Connection date. Yes I know, I’m being slightly over-dramatic, but that sure is how I felt. I’m certain the anxiety I felt was also felt by the other college freshman that I met. 🙂 Though I will admit it was a little bit stressful at times (with the weight of choosing the right classes and trying to meet new people), I had a really great time meeting the students I will eventually graduate with in 2016! I’d also like to say thanks to the peer mentors, teachers, and other staff members at Summer Connection who helped me through the day and I look forward to taking more steps in the next coming months!

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