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Tips & tricks for your first year of college

I was going to blog about my internship, when I stumbled upon the freshman (okay, fine, first-year) summer connection blogs. Which prompted this blog post. I know when I was just entering Augustana, I looked online for anything that might have advice about how to survive my first year. Well, this is the culmination of […]

Kesem Means Magic

For many of us, cancer is an unavoidable topic. It is mentioned while talking about our friends, relatives, pets, and even our parents. While cancer surrounds all of us in ways that seem overwhelming or even consuming, to be a child between the ages of 6-13, this feeling is much greater! When I was between […]

1 Week

Hey every one I’m super excited 1 week from today I will be flying to my new start at Augie.  It’ll b a new experience in many ways for me.  For 1 thing I found out I’ll have 3 room mates verses the normal 1, I’ll be in a class room for the first time […]