A window inside life at Augustana College

Summer Vacation

Alright, so I know everyone’s excited for the new school year and it IS pretty exciting but last week I was able to free my mind of the stresses that come with it. And what’s the best way to do that? By soaking up the sweet summer sun down in the Florida Keys, of course! […]

Wait…wait…ALMOST THERE!!

So I found out my dorm last week. I’m not gonna say that I wanted to live in Andreen, but I’m still excited no matter what dorm I live in. It is no joke when people say that college is expensive. There is so much that goes into just stepping on to campus on the first […]

As we enter the last bend of summer

I can not believe that summer is coming to a fast end! I move-in in 21 days. 21 days left of summer. I can not believe it! 3 weeks and then I will be moving into Andreen! I was so happy to find out my roommate and where I will be staying, even if Andreen […]


This is my first try here so bear with me.  In a little over three weeks those of us who were invited to MCO will be at Augie and shortly after we will be joined by all our fellow class mates and school will begin.  Is everyone else as nervous as I am about it???? […]

Four Weeks

Twenty nine days (to be exact).  696 hours.  41,760 minutes.  No matter which way I put it, the time until I move in seems like forever, yet too close for comfort.   I’m currently writing this from my brand new laptop, and I’m just beyond excited.  I find out who I will room with by […]

Summer Connection 2012: One of Our Many First Steps

Today, I walked into the Hanson Hall of science building for the second time at Augustana; but this time it wasn’t for a visit. Oh no, I was there to take one of my many first steps that would control how the rest of my life played out – the much anticipated Summer Connection date. Yes […]